Wake Up Gigs is born!

Six months ago it was just an idea and last Sunday it became a reality and we are pleased to report that the first ever Wake Up Gigs for parents, babies, families and more was a huge success. For those of you who were unable to make it (or those who want to relive it) we featured three artists, The Pips, Shanade and MALKA, performing live, at our Shoreditch venue, Concrete Space underneath and part of the Pizza East and Shoreditch House family.


As total novices to gig promotion and hosting, everyone told us ticket sales would normally surge in the final few weeks and they were right with advance online tickets selling out a few days before. We sold a few tickets on the door but in total we sold just over 120 tickets and we think this really contributed to a relaxed and spacious atmosphere.



It was brilliant to see so many parents enjoying the music with their children and most importantly giving parents the opportunity to see new artists and bands performing live, something that is much harder to do once you become a parent and was really the primary goal when we embarked upon this venture earlier this year. There were a number of unexpected surprises personally for me – for the majority of babies and children it was their first ever gig. That age old question of what was your first ever music concert has an answer, perhaps one they won’t remember, but here is where their live music journey began. It feels a real privilege to have been there to see it. Right at the end of the show as kit was being packed away a few of the older children even started their own mini stage invasion and our ever helpful sound engineer allowed them to sing into the microphone giving a performance all of their own. Who knows we may have inspired the next generation of Shanade’s and MALKA’s…



And speaking of the artists, we were absolutely blown away by all three. First band, the Pips harmonies and stirring vocals started the night  day as we’d hoped to go on. Shanade took little relief as a vocalist with the threesome and a fine solo singer in her own right. Despite the room getting busier as her set progressed, her panache, down to earth banter and vocal flair captivated the room. Devil Get Gone was a real highlight, and nodding heads around the room signalled approval from parents and children alike. And last but certainly not least, MALKA, headed by the enigmatic and oh so fun Tamara Schlesinger, engaged all ages with a selection of up beat and quirky material. This set was better than we could have anticipated, as the video below further proves:

Perhaps my most attentive crowd to date 'jumpin' the line' with me 😍video by @johannako

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The other significant motivation for us to start these shows was to raise money for charity and we had a very worthy one in Barnardo’s to kick us off. We are amazed to say that we have this week been able to hand over £600 to the charity to continue the brilliant work they do in what is a big year for them, celebrating 150 years. We would not have been able to do this without the help of the following companies and staff who offered raffle prizes, giveaways and items to sell with 100% profit to the charity:

Baby BanzBaby Broadway, Edwin, LegoMamas and PapasMothercare, Pizza East and Tom’s Kitchen.

Everyone who came down made this such a great success that we will definitely do our second show in 2017! Details to be confirmed, but do look out for dates in February or early March 2017…


If anyone has any feedback or just generally wants to get in touch, please do click here