Wake Up Gigs FAQ

“What is this all about? Why are you putting on the gig? Who are you?”

This event is being hosted by wife and husband, Sarada and Adam, with some able assistance from their 18 month old son, Edwin who is the real brains behind the operation. If you’d like to read a bit more about them – check this link out.

The idea was born out of attending other music/parent/baby related events in London such as the ace Big Fish Little Fish, the cooler than cool Fun DMC and all-in-one party that is Buggied Out. We are trying to take that a step further and put on a gig where parents can enjoy live music performances in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

In November, we ran the first Wake Up Gig and sold out the venue with three performances from The Pips, Shanade and MALKA. MALKA, herself, had a become a mum for the second time a few months ago and this was her first gig back. The event was a great success and we raised £600 for our chosen charity, Barnardo’s,  and all in a friendly and welcoming environment for parents and their little ones. ALL AGES WELCOME.

Sarada and Adam actually met through live music way back in 2004 so it is kind of in their DNA, the playlist between performances will mainly focus on all things “indie” – past, present and future.

“What is the difference between a baby ticket and a child ticket?”

We would qualify those under a baby ticket as “newborns, toddlers, infants” or under 3. A child ticket is for those aged 3 and up and while we want to host an event that is open to all, the primary audience for our gigs is parents who wouldn’t normally be able to experience live music in this way.

“How accessible is the venue for my pram/buggy/entourage etc?”

The venue is fully accessible via a lift and the venue is in the basement of the building all on a single level with toilets and baby changing facilities.

“What will I do if my baby cries/make noise?”

We love babies. We also love crying and noise. End of.

“I’ve heard there is a bar but I’m worried about glass and safety?”

All drinks will be served in plastic cups.

“What if I/my partner/my baby get’s hungry?”

We don’t like hanger (hunger and anger) at Wake Up Gigs. So in order of priority – feed your baby. If relevant to you, we will make sure breastfeeding and bottle fed babes and mums are as comfortable as possible. Then, feed yourselves with delicious Pizza East food available at the bar! You can take a peek at their menu here

“Is there somewhere to sit?”

This is a gig venue designed mainly for a standing audience, however, there will also be seating available around the perimeter of the room for those looking to take a break.

“Is there anywhere to change my baby?”

Concrete Space has baby changing facilities (hallelujah!), and we provide some spare nappies, nappy cream etc, as we know how much a palaver this all can be. Remember just being able to head out to a gig without any care in the world? Yep. Those days are gone for a while, so enjoy our gigs in the meantime!

“When will set times be announced?”

Set times will be published via our social media in the week leading up to the event

“What will be happening in between the live performances?”

We will make sure there is a decent playlist on in the background (nothing worse than waiting ages for a band to start in silence!). And of course, there is a licensed bar and great pizza from Pizza East available.

“Are there cash points at the venue / can I pay on card

You’ll be able to use cards at the bars and to order food. The nearest cash point is round the corner from the venue outside Tesco on Shoreditch High Street.

“Is there a cloakroom for my pram/buggy/bag/kitchen sink?”

The venue has a small cloakroom which you are more than welcome to leave your pram in (folded up as far as possible please)

“What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?”

Nearest public transport is Shoreditch High St overground (AKA the orange line). The venue is a 3 minute walk from there. Alternatively – Liverpool Street is around a 10-15 minute walk. There is a NCP car park on Great Eastern Street (EC2A 3ER).

“Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?”

As if parents don’t have enough to remember to take every time they leave the house. If you have ability to print, please do bring it along but no sweat if not, just show us your email confirmation/barcode.

“Can I leave the venue and re-enter?”

Yes, of course – you will get your hand stamped on entry and if you need to step out either to the restaurant on the upper floor or outside you can come back in.

“I am a wheelchair user and / or I have other accessibility requirements”

Do contact us with any queries you might have. The venue is fully accessible via a lift and the venue is in the basement of the building all on a single level with a disabled toilet.

“What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Please do bring that nice big smile of yours. We’re parents, we know that when you go out with the small person in your life – they do require what seems like the equivalent luggage allowance of a BA first class flight. We are not going to stop you bringing anything you need to make you more comfortable on the day. We will be stockpiling up on baby wipes because everyone knows the first rule of being a parent is you can never have enough baby wipes. We’ll also have BabyBanz ear defenders on sale to protect your little ones from all the noise they aren’t making!

“I’m press / media and would like more information about the event”

For any PR enquiries please contact us!

“That’s great, but has not answered my question”

No worries – please contact us and we’ll get right back to you